Personal Trainer and Creator of the HUNK WORKOUT App Yaniv Moyal’s Secrets to a Chest of Steel!


In the second episode of our exclusive Red Carpet Work Out with Hollywood actor and personal trainer Yaniv Moyal, creator of the HUNK WORKOUT app, the ripped star reveals his secrets for a sculpted, drool-worthy chest. All you need is a set of dumbbells, an athletic ball and some motivation!

The first step consists of a simple, traditional push-up with both hands placed on the ball. Complete a rep of 10 push-ups to get things started. Next, place both hands onto the dumbbells and lower your body down until your chin hits the ball. Make sure to hold your position for as long as possible to maximize the exercise. As Yaniv says, “it burns, but that’s the way to work it out!”

When you’re ready to take things to the next level, Yaniv suggests placing one hand on a dumbbell and one on the floor. This is a more advanced version of the previous exercise and Yaniv recommends alternating three reps on each side to insure equal coverage and muscle distribution.

Make these easy, at-home steps a part of your daily repertoire and get started on your way to a rock solid, chiseled chest!

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