Get In Over Your Winter Head!

Hats & Hairstyles For This Winter!

It’s cold outside and everyone knows that to complete a winter outfit you need something fabulous on top! Looking for the perfect way to wear your hair with every type of hat? Styles that look effortless are the new glam hair.  

Our first hat is a classic beanie.  This look is hard to beat. Best hairstyle to go with? Drum roll please…. super cute beach waves! Even though you’re nowhere near Santa Barbara, bring some sunshine to your winter outfit with some trendy beach wave curls! Red Carpet Tips WInter Hair

Next up, is a great way to add some exceptionality to your winter outfit. Pair it with an edgy, wide brim hat and a messy bun. What can be easier than teasing your bed head and throwing it into a low bun? This look is super chic and a great way to look sophisticated on a lunch date or a shopping spree!

Edgy Brim Hat Red Carpet Tips

Just picture yourself out at night, in the city, with your girlfriends. You’re with your glam squad and looking magnificent in a fur hat and some voluminous curls. It’s the perfect way to keep warm and look like an A lister! To get these bombshell curls use a medium sized barrel, pin the curls to your head, check your Twitter feed and in 15-20 minutes just unpin! Spray on some hairspray and your glam will last all night!

No time to get the perfect curls? Straight or way hair will complete the look just perfectly!

Fur Hat Looks


This hairstyle is the simplest of them all, but one of our faves! This look is perfect for when you’re feeling casual, running errands, heading to Starbucks, or even going on a run…. Basically, when you don’t feel like trying but still want to look super cute! Sport this look with a low ponytail and a baseball cap. It’s every girl’s best friend!

Low Ponytail Baseball Cap

Ladies, don’t miss out on the perfect hairstyles to pair with your hats this winter!  There’s too much fun to be had!