Weird Celebrity Diet Attempts

Ever tried one of those diets that is supposed help you lose a ridiculous amount of weight in a week or so?  We’ve all been there.  It seems like all of these quick fix solutions leave you short of getting that Hollywood beach body you’ve always wanted.  Well, it turns out that a number of Hollywood celebrities tried the same thing, and got the same results you did.  Take a look at some of the stranger things that these celebrities did to lose weight:

Selita Ebanks

Selita-Ebanks-celebrity diet











Apparently, the supermodel once attempted a three day cleanse.  Her diet consisted primarily of almond milk, puréed kale, and other items that she later stated, “was not tasty!”  Needless to say, but that three day cleanse was cut in half, because any person can only endure consuming only almond milk and kale for too long.  This is one diet to be weary of.

Petra Nemcova

petra-nemcova-celebrity diet










Petra once started a diet of just seafood, tomatoes, and carrots.  This low carb, and seemingly health choice of foods helped her drop weight.  Oh yeah, did we mention that it turned her palms yellow?  That’s what happens when you get a hefty dose of vitamin A in your system.  She recalled people asking her, “Are you sick?  Do you have hepatitis?”

Kelly Osbourne











You always hear that you need to cut carbs to lose weight quick.  Well, Kelly Osbourne has a trick that might work for you.  When Kelly has a carb craving she chooses to eat pickles instead, and she claims, “It stopped me from eating more!”

Even Hollywood A-list celebrities have struggled with quick, and often weird diets to lose weight.  What do you think about these ladies’ stories?  We’d love to hear about some of your own experiences too.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and Instagram for more hot topics.