Urban Chic: Sneakers

For some, a suit and tie is way too “business,” but the jeans and polo look is way too basic. If this is you, urban fashion and designer street wear might just be your style.

Urban style is all about the sneakers and no I’m not talking about your dad’s old trainers. With the popularity of skater shoes and the recent rise in celebrity designer shoe contracts, the “sneaker game” has reached a new high. Those ratty, stained, over worn shoes you call your favorite are comfortable and all, I’m sure, but no matter what you have on they’re guaranteed to make your entire outfit look a hot mess. So here are some great sneakers and a few tips.


These are the BAPE X Ice cream Jordan 3’s sold on www.Jfbcustoms.com. Shoes with a loud pattern like this look great while wearing black. All black everything.

With sleek solid black sneakers like these Supra Falcon’s you can wear anything at all and make it work. Bright colors and patterns that pop go especially well with them. Get them on www.Suprafootwear.com.

If you need something slightly more suited for work, Toms has some nice lace ups that can be super laid back or business casual. These wine colored Toms go well with other dark, rich colors.  You can buy these on www.Toms.com.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more “urban chic” and red carpet tips.