‘The Walking Dead’ Star Jose Pablo Cantillo Talks Style and Skin Care at GBK Style Lounge

Jose Pablo Cantillo plays Ceasar Martinez, one of The Governor’s followers on The Walking Dead. While his character is normally dressed in grungy, zombie killing gear, Cantillo was in a sexy casual outfit when he spoke to us at the GBK Celebrity Style Lounge.



This literally is my everyday outfit, maybe I slept in this,” joked the charming actor. Of course it wasn’t his everyday outfit, but the t-shirt was Alternative Apparel–an organic cotton brand his wife suggested. “She’s a cotton freak,” quipped Cantillo. Lucky Brand was another of his favorite brands to wear.

Since we noticed he was sporting some serious facial hair, we asked him if he shaved. “I do sometimes shave,” he added. And when he does he goes to The Art of Shaving for a straight razor shave. As for his skin, he recommends dōTERRA essential oils.

Don’t forget to watch Cantillo on The Walking Dead, Sundays at 9PM on AMC.