Drummer Richie Ramone from the band “RAMONES” shares Punk Rock Music Culture


The legendary Richie Ramone, drummer of the multi-award winning punk rock music band The Ramones, talked to the cameras of RedCarpetTips at the CBGB Movie Premiere. Richie, known for the hit songs “Too Tough to Die”, “Animal Boy” and “Halfway to Sanity” among many others, was sporting a very casual look with a white graphic t-shirt and a black hooded sweatshirt. The talented artist was very enthusiastic to talk about the past, adding “it was really cool to be part of something so special, ” about playing at the CBGB establishment. Ramone clearly remembered the energetic punk-rock atmosphere, as well as the tiny dressing rooms with all the artists’ names on the walls. The drummer also described the essence of the East Village in New York as a form of wild unrestrained lifestyle, where all the rockers used to live and hangout.

Celebrity host of RedCarpetTips Charlie Lapson, asked Ramone how the music in the CBGB film will inspire and influence today’s generation.The artist quickly responded by telling Lapson, “it will help develop their songwriting, as well as provide a little culture of what that time really was.” The acclaimed punk-rocker believes punk music needs to live on. Richie compared today’s generation of artists with the past, mentioning previous artist had more freedom on doing what they wanted.  He claims, nowadays artists have to be extremely careful on what they do, say, or write to abide rules implemented by their record labels. Richie Ramone humorously expressed his honest opinion by concluding punk-rock is a unique wild music genre and maybe artists have to go back and start pissing people off.