The GBK product haul!

Celebrity living is hard.

We joined the stars as they attended the GBK celebrity gifting lounge where they had the chance to interact with brands, learn about many great organizations doing meaningful work in our communities, and of course, be showered with lavish gifts. Join us for our first lifestyle haul!

As you can see, these lux products are not only for the rich and famous. You can also haul these products home and learn why they’re making big waves in the celebrity world. Like the My Intent bracelet, that is not only a reminder for yourself of your convictions, but also a great conversation starter for meaningful and profound interaction. Having been worn by people like Kanye West for his cover of Time Magazine, to Queen Bey, don’t be scared to wear your heart on your sleeve.


Another big player (with little calories) is Betini Spirits. Fabulous flavors with sinfully low calories, this collection knows how to switch it up so your tastebuds stay on edge.

The Creative Coalition was also present, because sharing is caring when you have as impressive of a background advocating for human rights as CC. Because celebrities have such a close relationship with the masses, they are a perfect mouthpiece to connect with large audiences about important causes and issues.

Every award season brings with it an array of products showing the best of their best for you, so enjoy the show and grab your favs!