The fabulous Alex Newell from ‘Glee’ at the 23rd Annual Divas Simply Singing

Alex Newell, who plays Unique on Ryan Murphy’s Glee, was channeling his inner diva at the Divas Simply Singing charity event. Newell arrived in black leather jacket paired with striped pants and black pumps. We asked the actor to reveal his beauty and get-ready secrets.

Now, the former The Glee Project finalist admits it normally takes him about two hours to prepare for the red carpet. This sensational occasion was no exception. But what exactly is his secret weapon to getting ready?–Beyoncé. “Listen to Beyoncé when you’re getting ready,” suggested the singer, “[she] gets you in the mood for everything.”


Along with with his statement necklace, Alex sported a bit of “nail-bling,” a dazzling ring that covered his pinky finger nail. It was just a small touch of edginess to his look.

As for his make-up, that was courtesy of Mac, while his eyelashes were, as he jokingly mentioned, “no name.” Actually, he says he grew those out himself. This is how you can achieve such feat: “if you think it and believe it, it will happen.”