The Beverly Nightclub

The Beverly Nightclub

Gossiping about LA’s nightlife seems to be the biggest chatter that is amoungst all of LA’s elite group. Which club is the spot on Tuesdays? What is the crowd the ambiance etc…As far as ambiance and crowd appeal The Beverly hits the spot. From the unique 4,500 sq foot space inspired by a retro 20s feel, the former landmark, Guys. The creators have truly set themselves apart from any other club in West Hollywood. Having a collaboration with some of the top dogs in the club industry such as; Guy Starman, Darren Dzienciol, Brent Bolthouse and Jennifer Rosero the original creators of Trousdale. The collaboration of such an amazing team you can only expect the best experience. From the music to the ambiance The Beverly has everything for the best night out.

From leather straps hanging down to gigantic turbines, you can expect the best looking people to be dancing on tables and enjoying a great night.  The first thing at any nightclub is to indulge in some drinking. The Beverly has a well known Chef Marcel Vigneron who has put together a list of incredible infused cocktails. The architecture is based on the industrial revolution; created by John Sofio.

[quote]described by Creator Dzienciol, ‘The Beverly has an East Coast Vibe'[/quote]

Dzienciol is deffinitely correct from the moment i walked into The Beverly i felt like i was walking into a iconic NYC club in the meat packing district. Greated by the handsome doorman to the well styled and gorgeous blondes who manage the door i felt like i hit the right spot. From the ambiance to the crowd it was exceptional beyond words The Beverly is deffinitely one of those locations where the best of the best come out to play. From A-listers to LA socialities you can expect to see it all.

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