Casual fashion encounters with Telenovela

Telenovela with Eva Longoria is very physically demanding. We met Diana Maria Riva at the GBK Lounge. Starring alongside Eva Longoria in NBC’s “Telenovela,” Diana was able to give us […]

La Bella Blanca Soto: Un Icono de Moda

Mexican actress, Blanca Soto, is one of the most beautiful Latin American females in the world.  As the former Miss Universe, Blanca was the cover girl for the May 2012 edition […]

La Bella Danna Garcia Se Arregla Para Premio lo Nuestro

[divider] Danna Garcia se arregla para Premio lo Nuestro con la ayuda de diseñador Charlie Lapson. [divider] If you’ve ever wondered what it takes for a celebrity to get red carpet […]