Stylish and Funny Ross Mathews of Chelsea Lately Drools Over Leo DiCaprio at the GLAAD Awards

Funny man Ross Mathews, along with partner Salvador Camarena, came out in style to support the 24th Annual GLAAD Awards.


The Chelsea Lately regular came up to our reporter Carly Steel, in awe of the shine of her dress and headband, but he too looked dashing. Mathews sported a custom made gray-blue Reiss suit, by English designer David Reiss, complete with a white shirt and a stripped “bargain bin” tie. Economic, and chic! Yet, it was Mathews’ funky socks. But colorful socks are his signature move. “That’s what they call me on the street: Pop-a-color,” he said charmingly.

The author of the new book, Man Up!, is fortunate to be dating celebrity stylist Camarena, because he happens to style Ross, too. Camarena also happened to wear striking shoes because “a little Gucci goes a long way.”

While discussing the evening’s other guests, Mathews admits being excited to meet both former President Bill Clinton and Leonardo DiCaprio. Of course, he jokingly wanted a boat so he could recreate those famous Titanic scenes with Mr. DiCaprio. “I would insist that we reenact scenes from Titanic!”

On a more serious not Mathews praises GLAAD saying “everything is changing for the LGBT community, everything is because of the efforts of people like GLAAD, groups like them, who push the conversation in the culture.” Which is something reflected in politician’s views, including President Clinton, Hillary Clinton and President Obama coming out in support of same-sex marriage equality.