Styles with Blow N Go: Putting On Eyelashes


Trouble putting on eyelashes? We have all been there! It’s a talent putting on eyelashes without getting glue in your eye or glueing it shut or ending up with that wonky lazy eye from glueing the lash on too low. Luckily we have everything you need to know to successfully glam up your lids! From taking the lashes out of the container, to putting them on, and to that final touch to brighten up your eyes!


Retrieving the lash:

Use your thumb and gently tug away from where the lash is set on. It keeps the style and curvation of the lash to fit your eyelid.


Empty about a dime sized amount go glue onto a palette or any clean flat surface for the glue to dry out a bit and get tacky. Plus it will make putting glue on the lash a 1000 times easier! NOT using your finger, use a utensil to place glue on the lash strip evenly and quickly! [HINT: You want the glue tacky, not dry!]

Placing on lash:

Place the center most part of the lash on your eyelid, this will make it easier to press down the sides.

Finishing touch:

Add a highlight into your tear ducts using a a creamy or shimmery light shade. This will give your eyes a more open and wide awake look since we all know lashes can be heavy!

And there you go, fabulous lashes in less than 3 minutes! Tune into the next Blow N Go here at Red Carpet Tips!

Putting Eyelashes