Star of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Megan Hayes at the GBK Celebrity Style Lounge

The beautiful and radiant actress Megan Hayes looked stunning at the 2014 GBK Celebrity Style Lounge. Megan, who can currently be seen in  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, was sporting a fashionable pair of Red Engine jeans from the chic Boutique Store Goldy and Mac, as well as a glamorous white top with a black collar. Joined by celebrity designer Charlie Lapson, Megan was full of energy and happy to share the secrets to her stylish look.

First, Megan proudly mentioned her red ruby lipstick was from the District Six Hunger Games Covergirl collection. Appropriate, since she played one of the former victors from that district in the film. Next, she talked about using Bare Minerals Powder on her eyes, for a bright, shinny yet very natural look. Then the actress revealed using Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline in order to get those long black and beautiful eyelashes. “I live for that mascara, this is the best ever,” she added.



Now onto her hair, Megan wore her red hair down with curls which she styled with Curls Rock by Catwalk. As a bonus, she also mentioned recently getting her hair cut from Lukaro Salon.

The Hunger Games sequel actress briefly explained the wardrobe style from the movie, which included a lot of black leather, in order to give her that “Morphling” look or as she humorously jokes a “heroin chic look.”