Simple Ways to Prep for the Red Carpet with Oscar Nominees

Brad, Angelina, George, Jennifer – all of the Jennifers – aren’t the only ones walking the red carpet. Many award show attendees work behind the scenes. At the GBK Oscar lounge, we gathered very practical and simple tips from two nominees at this year’s Academy Awards.


Siedah Garrett shares her tip at the GBK Oscar Lounge.


Siedah Garrett is no stranger to the red carpet. She is a Grammy winner and has been nominated for two Oscars. This year she was up for an award for the song, “Reel in Rio” from the movie, Rio. She was previously nominated for the song, “Love You, I Do,” from the movie, Dreamgirls. One of her biggest claims to fame is as the co-writer of Michael Jackson’s, “Man in the Mirror.” Spending so much time in the spotlight leaves her with one tip – wear comfortable shoes. Siedah generally walks the carpets with this in mind, steering clear from sky-high stilettos, and instead sporting comfy shoes.

We also caught up with, Richard Middleton, the producer of 2012 Best Picture Academy Award Winner, The ArtistRichard has been working in Hollywood for quite a while, but he has never seen success like this before. The Artist shocked the movie industry in an amazing way, and all of that hype means a lot of time on the red carpet. Richard suggests the most basic and beneficial tips for looking great – sleep and hydration. Although these are basic needs, it’s rare that celebs get enough of either. To make sure you’re looking your best, try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night and fill up on plenty of H2O. If you feel thirsty, that’s a sign that you’re already de-hydrated.