RCT: Top Wedding Dresses, Vol. 4


In this Volume of RCT: Top Wedding Dresses, we are going to help you discover the perfect wedding dress for your special day. Beginning with a look at top designers, we will walk you through the selection process, from tips on wedding dress style to helpful advice on how to find a dress that fits your body impeccably.


So why did we choose these designers for our top three? Here is our brief breakdown.

Vera Wang ranks at number one on our list. When you are talking wedding dresses and celebrities, it is virtually impossible to keep Vera Wang’s name out of the conversation. She has undeniably become the most desirable designer for women’s wedding gowns. Vera Wang has designed dresses for hundreds of A-Listers in the entertainment industry, such as Kate Hudson, Ivana Trump, Hilary Duff and, most recently, Kim Kardashian. She is also known for her iconic evening wear, sported most famously by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Vivienne Westwood  gained global notoriety when her wedding dress appeared in the blockbuster film Sex and The City. In the scene, Carrie Bradshaw is asked to shoot a bridal spread for Vogue, afterwards receiving a special delivery in the mail, a Vivienne Westwood gown with a signed letter from the designer herself. Westwood’s early forays into fashion were worlds away from the bridal couture she’s now known for. She got her start designing punk rock clothing for her then-husband, the Sex Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren. It wasn’t until later in her career that she decided to branch out and begin working on romantic couture pieces, which ultimately led to her career designing one-of-a-kind work for celebrities and iconic films.

Marchesa, one of the freshest bridal designers of 2012, has become the most recognizable designer on and off the red carpet. From celebrity weddings to Oscar parties, Marchesa dresses provide show-stopping glamour and have been showcased on celebrities like Blake Lively, Kate Hudson and Miley Cyrus. When Marchesa designed Nicole Richie’s wedding dress, the ballerina-inspired look quickly became a trend setter in the wedding dress world.

After you’ve selected your favorite designer, it’s time to break down their collection, from modern and classic to vintage and glamorous.


The modern look is trending now, featuring tight silhouettes that accentuate your figure, with high-volume ruffles at the base. This look is especially popular for young brides, and many prefer the look for any wedding theme, whether it be on the beach, cathedral or a villa in Napa.


 The classic and traditional look is easy to achieve. A princess look is a favorite of many brides, showcasing a bustier fitted top with a flowing bottom. This look is perfect for a traditional church wedding, adding stunning moments to your special day while walking down the aisle.


 Kate Moss went vintage for her fairytale wedding, which provided her with an overall ethereal feel. Best for beach-like venues or even wine country locations, a vintage style is effortless and aesthetically appealing.


 Do not be afraid to glam yourself out on your wedding day. Over the top, attention-grabbing dresses are great for stunning photos and best for villa themed locations.

1. Apple Shape: If you carry your weight around your waist but have amazing features (boobs, legs, or butt), then you’re an apple shape. Good news! There are tons of options for your figure. When looking for a dress, opt for something that draws attention to your best assets, like choosing a plunging neckline to accentuate your winning features.

2. Rectangular Shape: Usually the rectangular shape is defined by your shoulders. If your shoulders are the same width as your waist then you’re a rectangular shape. We recommend a V shape leading down to the waist with a full long skirt. Empire line styles are also heavily recommended, keeping the neckline high with some detailing above or below the waist.

3. Inverted Shape-Triangular Shape: This shape is commonly found on taller women, having shoulders wider than their hips and a fairly flat chest. Go for straight cut dresses or extravagant gowns. High fashion gowns are typically modeled after this shape.

4. Hourglass Shape: If your shoulders are the same width as your hips and have a defined waist then you’re in luck! The hourglass shape is the most desired body sha

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