RCT Chats with WWE Star Eve Torres



With looks like lightning, WWE star Eve Torres is storming the wrestling scene and beyond with her beauty and style. TBT to the Wrestlemania Premiere Party, where the diva enthralled the crowd and set the tone for the evening with her undeniably gorgeous silhouette framed in luxury.
Eve, who was a participant in the Red Carpet Dress to Impress Battle Royal, was accustomed to the elegance of the premiere party. The princess of elbow drops and moonsaults traded in her athletic attire for chiffon silks, couture gowns and impeccable accessories that ignited the Diva to new fashion heights.
“It’s exciting because it’s the first time we’ve done a party in celebration of Wrestlemania,” said Eve to out RCT reporter, Veronica Vergara. “Of course, we have to get all glitzed and glammed up.”
What has she been up to lately? #GirlPower! Eva’s website features an “empowerment” tab where women can purchase DVDs that teach them self defense from home! The page features a few sample YouTube videos, with the accompanying quote from Eve, “Once we can alleviate fear and conquer intimidation, our confidence has no limitations.” You go girl!