Princess Kate Middleton meets Queen Bey: Check out their styles!


In honor of both royalty and basketball season coming up, we would like to honor a historic moment in NBA past:

Leave it to royalty to be super stylish while attending a basketball game! We all know Beyonce and Jay-z frequent NBA games every so often so when we heard that Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William made an appearance, we had questions!


Princess Kate Middleton is known for being fabulous and always on point. She always keeps it chic and high fashion wherever she goes. So what did your royal highness wear to the basketball game? Leave it to Princess Kate to perfectly combine her upscale style with a laid-back feel! She sported a long, patterned black & white winter coat along with hubby Prince William who wore a checkered button up with dark denim pants. A littler different than his usual suited up style and her runway looks.


As for Queen Bey? She wasn’t rocking her usual extravagant, divalicious attire. Instead, she was wearing a black high-waisted skirt with a patterned white button up shirt tucked in and paired with a blue Louis Vuitton purse. Now here’s a picture of the happy couples at the NBA game! #BasketballBringsUsCloser