Find the Perfect Hairstyles for your Man

Because we know you are always looking for it!

Ok guys, we all know nothing cramps your style like a bad haircut, so we’re here to help you find the best hairstyle suited for you.  Believe it or not but the shape of your head plays a huge role in revealing why one hairstyle might work for another guy, but just makes you look sloppy.  Take notes gentlemen.

Square Face Hairstyles











If you fall under this category then you have the benefit of taking advantage of a broad range of styles.  The one important rule to follow is that the area around the hairline should have a softer look around the edges.  We suggest a shorter cut to complement your facial structure as well.

Round Face Hairstyles












Men with round faces will want to avoid some of the suggestions for men with square faces.  Rather than having a short/tight cut, men with round faces will want to utilize a look with volume and length.  This will blend with the face’s natural shape, and highlight the users personal features.

Diamond Face Hairstyles














The standout features for men with diamond face shaped heads is their wide cheekbones, and narrow chins.  The most popular hairstyle for this shape is to have a decent amount of length on top, as well as extra width.  Try a shorter cut near  the base of the hair lines to add depth.

Triangular Face Hairstyles













Men with this particular facial structure tend to have wider jawlines with very narrow foreheads.  As a result of these features, the triangular face is known as one of the harder head shapes to stylize.  A good amount of length, width, and volume is highly suggested.  Medium length seems to be the sweet spot for this facial structure as well.