Oscar nominated composer Alexandre Desplat at the Los Angeles Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Festival

Seasoned composer Alexandre Desplat was at the Los Angeles Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Festival to express his adoration for Italian cinema. He joined celebrity designer Charlie Lapson for an exclusive chat on the red carpet.

Desplat says his passion for films and the music that accompanies them, stems from his fascination with Italian movies. In fact, he commends directors like Luchino Visconti and Federico Fellini for their use of great composers in their projects.

For Desplat, having Italian directors include fine film composers signifies a blessing because that cinema was the “best in the world from ’55 to ’75.” “I’m a real fan of Italian cinema,” continued the French native who has seen every production from that era.

Desplat, whose work in Philomena was nominated for a Best Original Score Oscar, says Judi Dench who plays the titular character in the film, served as the inspiration to his creations. He says Dench’s ability to “charge with emotion” without extravaganza, allowed for his music to highlight her performance. It certainly helped, because she too received a best actress nomination.

Philomena joins a long list of accomplished films for which Alexandre has composed. Others include Argo, The King’s Speech,–which earned him a Grammy Award and a BAFTA– and the final two installments of Harry Potter.

Moving onto his hobbies, one of them is going to Japanese restaurants when he’s in Los Angeles, including ShibuchoAsanebo, and Matsuhisa. Or, in a healthier approach, he also enjoys running in Griffith Park.