Nico Tortorella From ‘The Following’, ‘Scream 4’ Shares His Style Tips at the GBK Lounge

Sporting a red-blue leather jacket, Nico Tortorella was “last minute-chic” as he discussed his style and beauty tips with our host Charlie Lapson at the GBK Celebrity Style Lounge. The Scream 4 actor confessed that his jeans and shoes were purchased earlier at an estate sale for under twenty dollars. In fact, he recommended thrift shopping because you can always find fashionable treasures. “And if you can pull it off the right way, you can wear it on a red carpet,” he added.



Next, we asked him to dish on his favorite beauty products. The star of The Following uses Argan and coconut oil by Skin Owl. Luckily for him, his friend owns the company. Speaking of oils, he prefers to let natural ones build up on his hair to help style it. “I never wash my hair,” admitted Nico about his slick ‘do.

Then, Tortorella gave us his key accessories, from head to toe, literally. He suggests a great pair of sunglasses, worn with a matching watch, and his favorite: socks. “Colorful socks, striped socks, patterned socks, and insane hot pink socks,” instructed the chic lad. Remember guys, keep those socks bold–and watch Nico in MTV’s upcoming, Eye Candy.