Nicholas Gonzalez and Richard Montoya talk “Water and Power”


RichardMontoya and Nicholas Gonzalez HeaderKiki Melendez’s production of, “Journey of a Female Comic” drew out many celebrities to the red carpet premiere. The comical story of a Hollywood comedian received much encouragement and support from actors & actresses including, Nicholas Gonzalez and Richard Montoya.

The sexy actor, Nicholas Gonzalez, dressed in a black slim fit henley opting out for a casual look that evening. While Richard Montoya, producer of Water and Power, wore a guayabera. We can definitely say that these are fashion-y everyday looks!

Gonzalez, starring in Montoya’s production of Water and Power shared his appreciation for Kiki Melendez with RedCarpetTips. The Texas-born actor joyously said, “She has a memorable personality and is someone who is always there to support and champion herself, as well as all her friends.”

Richard Montoya known for his role in the film Falling Down, gave us exclusive insight on what viewers should be expecting from his production of Water and Power. The visionary producer said, “the empowering film will inspire us through the story of the two brothers, to create a new perspective on how audiences see Los Angeles and all its beauty”.

Richard Montoya and Nicholas Gonzalez