Michael Grant Terry’s do redefines “Crew” love

Michael Grant Terry Exclusive

 Red Carpet Tips was at the GBK Lounge in Beverly Hills, where we bumped into Michael Grant Terry!  The star of Bones has been on the show for 8 of its 11 seasons, and Michael was able to give us some insight on the character.  Other than info on Bones, we managed to get his fashion favorites, as well as his advice to those looking to get into the television industry.  Take a look at our own Charlie Lapson get an exclusive interview with the star.

Michael Grant Terry Fashion Favs!

At the event, Michael was wearing a Ben Sherman shirt along with Banana Republic glasses.  Apparently he likes a more classic look with well-fitting shirts/suits that provide a very clean and classy look.  We asked him what other brands he likes, and he mentions Billy Reid as one of his favorites as well.  How about that hair though!  We were blown away to hear that all he uses is Crew to get the look that he wants.  We love the fact that his style is both desirable and affordable!  If you’re looking to update that boring wardrobe, then take some notes from Michael Grant Terry.  This look will boost any man’s fashion IQ and desirability.


Michael’s Advice to Others

At the event we asked Michael Grant Terry what advice he had for people looking to get into the industry.  Michael told us that you need to be 100% committed to your dream.  Just like any other profession, a massive amount of dedication is required to be a successful actor/actress.  He made a point of putting in your own work.  Whether its taking the time to get advice from others, or enrolling in classes, there is no escaping good old fashion hard work!