Meital Dohan Gives Naughty and Sexy Beauty Tips on the Red Carpet

Triple threat Meital Dohan stepped out at the STYLE Fashion Week finale in support of Alexis Monsanto’s 2013 line. Meital is on the cutting edge when it comes to life and style. She explains, “Fashion is more like how you feel inside your clothes and is all about…what resonates with you to make you feel fun.” Up front as always, Meital admits she keeps herself feeling fun and red carpet ready by having sex as much as she can, “It’s how you stay young!”

The one thing in her wardrobe she says she cannot live without are extremely high heels. She also confesses to having a bit of a Channel obsession, but we here at Red Carpet Tips support that obsession entirely.

Meital keeps her style fresh by frequently tinting her brows either a deep pink or blue. Switching up your brow color is a fun way to change up your look without doing anything too drastic or permanent. Dare to be as bold as Meital at your next event!