Match Your Nails to A Pair Of The Famous Red Bottom Shoes By Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin on Your Nails


Rouge Louboutin is the name of designer Christian Louboutin’s new red nail polish and its now available to buy.

An additional 30 nail colours will be unveiled after the launch of Rouge Louboutin, split into three groups: The Pops, a range of bright shades including pink, yellow and orange; The Noirs, a collection of deep shades of blacks, intense blues, dark browns and greens; and The Nudes, comprising nude shades of vanillas, chocolates, soft pinks and khakis

Christian Louboutin’s aim was to create a nail color collection to complement the colors of the shoes. Shades have been named after popular Louboutin shoes or bags, such as Batignolles and Very Privé (red shades), or Lady Page (a dark plum), as well as names imagined by the shoe designer.