Mark Feuerstein on the Royal Pains of Fashion, in Beverly Hills at the GBK Lounge

Royal Pains lead man, Mark Feuerstein, opens up about his casual fashion style at the GBK Lounge in Beverly Hills with reporter Carly Steel


When actor Mark Feuerstein is not portraying Hank Lawson, the likable fix-it-all Hamptons doctor on the hit comedy series Royal Pains, he is hanging out with reporters, giving them advice on his own laid back style which differs from that of his on-screen persona.

“I’m a jacket guy,” Feuerstein admits, preferring something “you can just throw on and rock with your kids or on a Sunday afternoon.”

And who can blame him? Without the help of make-up artists and stylists many popular television personalities would find themselves on the wrong side of the fashion spectrum.

Feuerstein, admits to having a less structured look when not playing Hank on Royal Pains

“Thank God for our costume designer,” Feuerstein candidly recited during his interview. “I mean, this is as dressed up as I get, a basic t-shirt with some pants.”

As Feuerstein continues to excel on the screen we will certainly keep an eye on his fashion sense and its humble origins.

Feuerstein here with Royal Pains co-star, Jill Flint, in the more comfy look he prefers