LAB Art Presents: ‘Haus of Art Banditz’ Street Art’s Night Out

You find yourself walking down La Brea Boulevard in Los Angeles, bound and determined to stumble upon one of the many art parties that a Saturday night in LA has to offer. Your jaw drops at the sight of this building you almost walk past. Hidden behind a glass wall are the colossal light bulb letters LAB ART winking at you oh-so-seductively. What could be in here?

LAB Art is the largest gallery in the nation solely dedicated to street art. With over 6,500 square feet of space, the gallery exhibits about 300 works created by 30 different artists. The gallery offers art collectors and art lovers a dynamic roster of vibrant and thought-provoking exhibitions from world renowned urban artists including: Alec Monopoly, Smear, Destroy All Design, Kai Aspire, Thank You X, Mar, Army of One/JC2, Dog Byte and Sean D’Anconia, to name a few. LAB Art is also home to street artists on the cusp of global notoriety such as CYRCLE Brand, Carly Wise, LOUD Labs and Sarah’s INCOGNITO.

“HAUS of Art Banditz” is tied to the string of Art’s Night Out parties the gallery hosts in different locations every month. The goal is to present art lovers and newcomers with good food, live installations and the opportunity to witness art and culture from various perspectives of the human experience; peace, war, love, oppression, empowerment, hope and political and social change are just a few of the themes that artists portray in their works featured at LAB Art. was at the “HAUS of Art Banditz” scene to chat with celebrities about their involvement in the art community and to uncover tips on what a fashionista and a fashion-mista should wear to an art event. Celebs at the event like Laci Kay, Hazel D’Jan, and Marco Martinez of TV Land’s Hot In Cleveland, like to keep things casual for the most part, but the key is to definitely throw in edgy accessories to kick your outfit up a notch or two. Throw on a leather motorcycle jacket, a spiked cuff bracelet or an original outfit combining different prints, patterns and colors and you’re as good as gouache to take on an LA art party.

Rising teen actress Laci Kay, who plays a narcoleptic 13-year old girl bullied by her peers in the 2011 film Olivia, brought her manager (a.k.a. Mom) and her best friend along to share the experience of ‘HAUS of Art Banditz’. Hazel D’Jan, who is the leading role in the upcoming film Liberty City: The American Dream – starring alongside rap superstars Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross – dressed in a spunky turquoise graphic art t-shirt, adorned with a chain metal necklace and a cutting edge pompadour updo.

 LA’s notorious tattoo artists Black Banditz brought its brand to the ‘HAUS of Art Banditz’ event via a live tattooing for all the attendees to participate in. Head Bandit and owner of the Melrose tattoo parlor, Dan Regan, gave insight about the Black Banditz crew and his personal style.

LAB Art partnered with several vendors and affiliates to help host the ‘HAUS of Art Banditz’ party. Straight from the pages of NYLON Magazine, Rony’s Photo Booth came out to cover the event and supplied the guests with personalized photos to take home. To satisfy the appetites of attending foodies, LAB Art invited LA-based CoolHaus ice cream truck to set up shop in the back of the gallery where they handed out bigger than bite-sized ice cream sandwiches for free. Also joining in on the fun was LA’s own KROQ radio station.
LAB ART is located at 217 South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. For more information on LAB Art or inquiries about its featured art, visit