“Dr. Ken” Actress Stresses Importance of Prioritizing Self Love and Individuality

Krista Marie Yu: “At the end of the day your heart really does lead you. And that’s what fills yourself the most.”

Red Carpet Tips met Krista Marie Yu at the GBK Lounge in Beverly Hills before the Golden Globes. Starring as Molly in the new ABC sitcom, Dr. Ken, Krista gave us some insights about the show and of course, her fashion tips. Want to know how Molly keeps a sense of self-assurance through her unique clothing style? Watch below.

Be cute and quirky

Every morning girls are bothered by what to wear; however this isn’t the case for Krista. Wearing things that allow Krista to truly express herself is simply her style and her principle. AQUA and BCBGeneration are her two favorite clothing brands, which make Krista a “cute and quirky” girl who also can feel good about herself.

Krista Marie Yu as "Molly" on ABC's hit sitcom, Dr. Ken

Krista Marie Yu as “Molly” on ABC’s hit sitcom, Dr. Ken

Meaningful bracelets make Krista stunning

Krista loves accessorizing, whether it’s wearing her charm bracelet that reminds her of special times in her life, or her “healthy” bracelet which helps her track how many glasses of water she’s consumed throughout the day. She was even wearing a jade one that belonged to her late grandmother.

“Love yourself because it’s really easy for other people to tell you who you should be, or who you think you should be. “


“Dr. Ken”: America’s next favorite, ridiculous, and chaotic Asian family

Dr. Ken is among the few shows in broadcast history to feature an Asian-American family. In the show, Ken Jeong promotes the diversity of the Asian family and according to Krista, “his humor is just one of a kind.” Plus, Molly, the daughter of Jeong’s character, is always testing her parent’s boundaries which always makes things interesting. New episodes are now airing every Friday on ABC. Don’t miss out!

Dr. Ken