A Glimpse of a Famous Samurai Family Descendant

We ran into Kiki Sukezane at the GBK Lounge in Beverly Hills who plays Miko in the new NBC drama series “Heroes Reborn.”  She grew up already a big fan of “Heroes” while attending high school in Japan.  Kiki sword fought her way into the role of Miko the katana girl, literally.  While taking samurai sword fighting classes a fellow students mother led her to an NBC casting director and she ended up receiving the role.  Guess it doesn’t hurt to have ancestors who were actual samurai.

kiki sukezane

Sukezane enjoys working in America and loves the difference in landscape.  Although when it comes to fashion she says Harajuku, Japan is the place to go.  There are many stores in Harajuku that carry very unique clothing.  Sometimes the clothing is too unique for her.  When it comes to make-up Kiki says fake eyelashes are the way to go.  She does her own make-up regularly even for red carpet events.  Glitter is always useful for any girls make-up collection.  Check out her interview right here with Charlie Lapson.