Kaya Jones: Behind the Scenes on Getting Hot, Sexy and Stylish

Red Carpet Tips caught up with Kaya Jones, formerly of The Pussycat Dolls now solo recording artist, behind the scenes at the Alexis Monsato fashion show where she gave us her number one tip for confidence on the red carpet.  “Make sure you shave!”  She said without hesitation.  Kaya goes on to explain that there is nothing quite like arriving at a red carpet event and realizing you forgot.  Remembering this tip keeps Kaya feeling confident and ready to rock.

Kaya has some awesome designer friends and a stylist who help her get polished for the red carpet; however, when her stellar team is not available she operates under Coco Chanel’s golden rule: less is more.  She says, “I just go with my instinct and move with whatever I desire to throw on and after I’ve thrown on everything I desire I always take one thing off…”   You never know when a red carpet moment could happen to you!  Follow Kaya’s tips and prepare to soak up the spotlight.