Jonathan Sadowski on being “California Casual”

Jonathan Sadowski Tells All

While we were at the GBK Lounge in Beverly Hills, we got the opportunity to ask Young & Hungry star Jonathan Sadowski a few questions.  Check out the interview to get the latest details on what he’s been up to.  You’ll also get details on his fashion styles, and his favorite activities to do in the meantime.

Jonathan’s Interests

Jonathan told us about his passion for traveling.  He said that its something that he has been doing a lot of lately, and when he’s not working that’s what he loves doing.  We also asked him whether he preferred tv vs film, to which he responded by saying that he was open to either medium.


Jonathan Sadowski’s look

The Chicago born actor showed up to the event with a “California Casual” look.  We asked him about it, and he said that he’s really a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.  He did confess that his fiancé, who happens to be a stylist, will give him the stink eye if he’s walking out the door not looking up to par.  He did say that he usually has his clothing tailored as well.  Whether its a casual wear or a pricey suit, Jonathan Sadowski makes sure it fits himself properly.  We also found out that the actor does enjoy having a good amount of styling products to look sharp 24/7.


Jonathan’s Favorite Activities

Jonathan is an extremely active person.  He revealed that he absolutely loves contact sports like kickboxing, traditional boxing, and jiu jitsu!  Other than that we got his opinion on LA.  He told us that to really get a feel for the city you need to go downtown.  The Chicago native loves downtown’s dynamic, and mentioned that Bottega Louie is his favorite restaurant in the city.