Host of the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Ross Mathews Talks Positive LGBT Representation

Openly gay comedian, Ross Mathews hosted The 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton on April 12, 2014. Before the big show, this snappy dresser chatted up with RedCarpetTips  on the red carpet.

The host of E!’s Hello Ross! spoke about his childhood growing up in Mount Vernon, Washington, and the big impact media has had on the LGBT community since then. “The landscape is different, it’s something to think about. You think about, that it’s the twenty-fifth GLAAD Media Awards. And you think about, where the culture was 25 years ago. It’s vastly different,” stated Ross.

Mathews confessed he aims to “give an example constantly and GLAAD lives and breathes that example constantly. That kids around the country and around the world can point and say, ‘I’m good, I can be who and whatever I am and live a happy life.'” In fact on his talk show, Hello Ross, he embraces this motto: “be unapologetically you. People embrace. Trust that they will.”.

When referring to his style, in Ross’ words, “My Salvador, who’s a wardrobe stylist put me in white. I said, this is the biggest mistake anyones ever made.” While his stylist and partner, Salvador Camarena said, his inspiration was “just class, maybe a little Justin Timberlake black and white” paired with a polka dot handkerchief and matching polka dot socks. Camarena added that off the red carpet,”Ross hates dressing, he likes to be barefoot.” In fact, if it were up to Ross he would wear PJ Pants.