‘Glee’ star Josh Sussman shares tips to a flawless fro at the Actors for Autism event


Celebrity designer Charlie Lapson caught up with Glee actor Josh Sussman at the Actors for Autism event. Although new to the event, he is no stranger to working with actors that have a disability. Sussman confessed the desire to become more involved with charity events such as these and expressed the great admiration he has for Glee co-star Lauren Potter, who has down syndrome.

Sussman showed off his festive October look exclusively to us. He wore a dark-colored flannel shirt, jeans and a festive Guess vest embroidered with tiny skulls. His outfit was on point, but what really made him stand out was his hair which he discussed with us. His approach to a flawless fro: “All you simply need is an afro hair pick,  pick it out and no product.”  He shares interesting stories about what he calls his famous “Jewfro” and considered the idea of gaining money by charging every time someone touched his impeccable fro.