‘General Hospital,’ ‘True Blood’ Actress Carolyn Hennesy at the Hollywood Style Lounge

She recently graced True Blood and appears on Cougar Town as resident ‘cougar’ Barb, but Carolyn Hennesy is back on General Hospital. Luckily she took time from her busy schedule to chat with us at the Hollywood Style Lounge Presented by Doris Bergman

While asking her for fashion tips, she had one essential piece of advice for those red carpet walkers: attitude. Simply “square those shoulders, walk with grace and dignity, and attitude; good attitude,” says Carolyn. And for those who have yet to walk the carpet, she lovingly says to walk “your own red carpet as if it were.”

Transitioning into beauty regiments, the spunky actress shared her secrets. First, moisturize daily, stay out of the sun, avoid tanning beds, use sunscreen, and hydrate. Then, do facial exercises, stretching your face as much as possible. Why?–Well, Carolyn informs “if you let it go, it’ll crack on you, it’ll wrinkle on you.” So to look as superb and preserved as she, “stretch that face out!”

Now, to complete her winning fashion and style guide, her final tips were on hair. What does she do to keep her gorgeous ginger locks? Well, “I wake up and… make it sassy,” charmingly teases Carolyn. There you go ladies, sass that hair up!