From ‘Queer as Folk” Hal Sparks, ‘Borat’s’ Ken Davitian, and Hollywood’s Studs Spill Tips at Hollywood Style Lounge with

The Hollywood Style Lounge was a festive event that garnered the attendance of Hollywood’s finest. Lucky for us here at Red Carpet Tips, we were able to get in a few interviews with some of the night’s attendees! Hal Sparks, Ken Davitian, and Obba Babatunde were among the men that graced us with their fashion tips.

Queer as Folk star Hal Sparks informed us that anything health-wise started on the “inside,” meaning the things we eat and drink play a crucial role in making one red carpet-ready. He also made it very clear that we should avoid spray tans, at all costs.

Actor Obba Babatunde made an elegant and striking figure in a dark sport jacket; “I dressed it up with a tie, a splash of color and some excitement!” Babatunde continued, “One should represent themselves in a way that best describes who they are… And no matter who they are, they should dress with style, class and elegance.”

Musician Kevin Eubanks revealed that he applied oatmeal lotion “everywhere,” or at least that’s what he flirtingly told our host Danika Quinn. Chuckling, Eubanks also got Quinn, to admit that she uses Eucerin lotion, “everywhere.”

For his “hanging around style,” Oscar Nominee John Gatins (who wrote Denzel Washington‘s Flight) said that he had a huge interest in sneakers. The uniquely checkered footwear looked both stylish and comfortable. In addition to his shoes, he likes a “down vest or a down jacket” for the top. Gatins also suggests to wash hair every other day, to allow the natural oils in!


Borat actor Ken Davitian‘s advice on picking the right scarf was priceless, advising to “match the shirt or something in the shirt.” Davitian, however, fears one fashion accessory, “bow tie… [it] makes me look fat,” he jokingly confessed.

Great advice from these dapper gentlemen.