Former NFL Linebacker & Star of ‘The Expendables 2’ Terry Crews Talks Men’s Fashion At WWE Summerslam

No stranger to hard-hitting action, Terry Crews felt right at home on the red carpet of the WWE’s Summerslam Kick-Off, benefiting the organization’s Be-A-Star campaign. The former NFL linebacker, and star of The Expendables 2 and NBC reality show Stars Earn Stripes, looked very dapper in a crisp white shirt and black tie. Crews decided to have the most fun with his shoes, however. His blue Prada loafers were stunning and fashionable. After all, as the star said, “midnight blue is the new black.”

When it comes to style, the actor is an ardent supporter of good tailoring and great fit. “It’s all about the details. I really like to get things extra tailored before I go on the red carpet,” he said. “Sometimes you change a little bit, you might lose a little weight, you might gain a little something, you always should get it checked out.” Given this information, it’s not difficult to understand how the buff star always looks so polished.



Crews, who is a spokesman for Old Spice, never strays too far from his signature scent and products. On the set of Stars Earn Stripes he made sure to keep things smelling good in the company of his fellow castmates. “I brought tons of Old Spice,” he said. “We had women on the set – we had Laila Ali, Picabo Street, Eve Torres – we had to smell a little fresh!”

Most importantly, though, Crews spoke about the importance of the Be-A-Star campaign and its message. The charity, co-founded by the WWE and the Creative Coalition, aims to promote a positive  social environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation through grassroots efforts beginning with education and awareness.