Fall Hairstyle Forecast for 2014/2015

Hair-styling and color inspiration for commercial beauty, in line with the autumn/winter 2014/15 fashion trends.

Practical ponytails

The classic ponytail will be reinvented with interesting details such as folds, tucks and twists. This crafted look is polished and elegant, with an organic aesthetic. Replace high versions with styles that sit at the nape of the neck for a more relaxed look. It’s all about practical and functional hair-styling. Hairspray and shine serum are key to hold styles in place, giving tresses a luxe, glossy finish.


Luxe Waves

Loose straight hair is updated with free-flowing curls. Waves are formed and constructed using electrical hair tools to create a ripple effect. Styling products such as heat-protection sprays are built in with shine, nourishing and frizz-free formulas to protect against heat damage but also contain conditioning ingredients to boost shine for healthy, smooth hair. Goody Heat Wave Creator comes with a wave iron that heats up to 410 degrees in 30 seconds and has 10 heat settings to create soft waves.


Oiled & greased

The bedhead textures mentioned in Neo-Geo are updated with a sleeker, grown-up look. It’s all about slick and smooth hair with a high-shine, wet-look finish. Hair is coated in a film of gel and combed to the side.



Pale Ash blonde

Blonde hair is dyed in a light and ashy tone with a white-grey tint. The finish has a matte rather than shiny finish. Products such as shampoo, conditioner and treatments that improve color clarity and tone as well as neutralizing brassiness are key.


Basic browns

Natural browns will be enhanced with woody shades: think mahogany, oak and walnut. Color is applied through the hair in different gradients to create a tonal effect or in stripes. Add three or four colors to give hair a multidimensional finish. Curls and waves are great to show off the multi-tonal colors on the head. To maintain color and shine, treatment hair glaze products are key to give hair a glossy, silky smooth texture.