Eva Longoria at the Food Chains Premiere



The always stylish Eva Longoria looked amazing at the Los Angeles premiere for her latest project, the exposé: Food Chains.



As executive producer of this powerful, thought-provoking documentary, Eva found the public’s reaction was most the impactful and wants everyone to walk away having learned something. Most importantly, Longoria wants the message-“(Think about) where your food comes from”- to be loud and clear.

We asked the iconic Latina actress, “What is the number 1 myth this film shatters?” She replied that it’s the importance of realizing this issue was “not just an economic imperative but a moral imperative.” She added that employers can treat their workers with respect AND make a profit. Beauty, brains, and activism, all qualities Eva implores young women to pursue. Longoria also addresses legalization versus immigration and her thoughts on both, stressing the key component to understanding these complex issues is differentiating the two.

When we asked her about her fans who want to self educate on this issue, she advised us to WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY! Because you’ll learn a lot! Also, Eva encourages to “Buy organic! Buy local! Ask where the produce comes from!”

Like many glamorous legends before her, Eva reveals that you have to be comfortable in your own skin. Plus, she also inspired our new favorite hashtag! Ladies, remember, #EducationIsSexy!