Emmy Nominee Carolyn Hennesy from ‘General Hospital’ at Debbie Durkin’s Eco-Lounge

During Debbie Durkin’s Eco-Oscars Lounge, we chatted with the always sassy Carolyn Hennesy who shared beauty and fashion tips along with plenty of laughs!

When walking a red carpet, the General Hospital star loves drop-earrings and “anything with a fabulous neckline.” Because, as she playfully added, “We don’t know how much longer we’re actually going to have the boobs.” So having a plunging neckline allows her to tastefully show off her natural “assets.” “They’re fun and they’re mine, and they’re real!” continued the fiery actress. Oh, and a great pair of heels are also essential.

She also advised that having “a great attitude” on the red carpet is all you truly need.


Moving on to beauty products, the vibrant red-head loves Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab‘s Moroccan scented hair shine. As our very own Charlie Lapson gave Carolyn’s hair a quick whiff, he said “I can smell Morocco from here!” To which Carolyn laughingly replied, “Yes, you can–camels and all.” Jokes aside, she did say it smells of “spices, and sweets.”

To stay young, she uses a Vitaphenol Anti- Aging Toner,” for her flawless, ageless skin.

As for her recent work, Charlie asked her how different she is from the characters she plays on Cougar Town, True Blood, Jessie , and of course, GH. “Well, I’m not a cougar, I’m not a vampire…I’m not mean to children…and I’m not a lawyer,” replied the quick witted actress. But if she combined all her roles, The Vampire Cougar Lawyer Who Eats Children series would be as fabulous as she!