Director and Actor of the hit show ‘Criminal Minds’ Thomas Gibson, shares real life drama at the GBK Lounge

Criminal Minds director and actor Thomas Gibson opened up about his personal life to celebrity designer Charlie Lapson at the GBK Lounge. He discussed how proud he is of his kids who have become interested in the world of film as well as television and are currently working on a movie that emphasizes bullying, a topic very important among young people. From a proud parent to a hardworking actor, director, he made it clear that one role is far more dangerous than the other. He admits his job is not easy. It has even led to some real-life drama on set. Gibson revealed that as he directed an episode, the environment became dangerous when he heard gunshots and police helicopters began to surround the area. Despite the possible danger, he admits feeling safe because two active F.B.I. agents were on set.

On a lighter note, Gibson also discussed his style. For this red carpet occasion, he rocked a very casual look by wearing a slightly tucked gray dress shirt and trendy sunglasses. The tortoise shell patterned glasses, happen to have his initials to add a personal touch. Gibson believes that one should always feel comfortable in what they wear otherwise,  “If you are not comfortable, then you can’t have any style”. Take the advise from this great actor don’t just look good, but do so by feeling great.