CSI Miami’s Wes Ramsey Dishes Out His Best Fitness And Style Tips At Duliakas’ Oscar Suite

CSI Miami actor Wes Ramsey interviewed with RedCarpetTips at Duliakas’ Oscar Suite to share style tips and fitness advice! The actor recommends eating healthy, eating lean protein, training hard, running, and tennis.

In terms of products, he described himself as a “typical guy” who just grabs whatever is most convenient. “Natural’s best,” he says, particularly for his “Texas curls.” He has learned, “Don’t tell it what to do, but let it do what it wants because it always wins!”


Regarding his style, Wes opts for vintage-style clothing. He loves things that are soft and broken in, mentioning, “I’ve been known to put things through the wash to distress it myself.” But, when dressing for a more formal occasion, he enjoys Oliver Sweeney, Robert Graham, and Ralph Lauren. “I’ve always been a big fan!” he exclaims about Ralph Lauren, “It’s a bit premium, but it’s worth it.”

The actor even dished some date fashion advice, “Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, if that’s something you wear every single day, then wear that! It’s not always about trying to impress, it’s about being yourself.” Well, said!