CSI: Miami Star Sofia Milos Spills Beauty Secrets at the Hollywood Style Lounge

The gorgeous star of CSI: Miami, Sofia Milos, shared some of her age defying secrets at the Hollywood Style Lounge Presented by Doris Bergman.

Milos gave some straight forward advice when it came to fashion. She suggested to wear “something that makes you feel fabulous.” That’s because according to her, the purpose of “beauty, fashion, [and] make-up,” is to “make you more beautiful.”

Speaking of beauty, our host Danika Quinn was simply stunned at how radiant the ageless beauty’s skin appeared. But what’s Milos’s secret weapon? Nerium, an anti-aging cream; simply use it for three months and you’ll start to see wrinkle-free results. The actress loves it so much that she told the company, “you can put your link on my website, (SofiaMilos.com), all day long!” And they did.

As you can see by Milos’s “dewey and fresh” skin, Nerium works!