Designer Ali Rahimi, Celebrity Stylist George Blodwell, and Actress Brenda Swanson Give Fashion Tips At The Hollywood Style Lounge

Famous couture fashion designer Ali Rahimi, celebrity wardrobe stylist George Blodwell, and actress Brenda Swanson took the time to give us some tips on fashion and feeling beautiful at the Hollywood Style Lounge Presented by Doris Bergman. And here’s what these style gurus had to say…

The talented Rahimi, who designs for Mon Altier, creates his exceptional gowns to celebrate a woman’s body and forgets about  trends. His number one red carpet tip is to find what works best for your body and feeling comfortable and glamorous in it. And for his complexion he never forgets to wash his face and puts on moisturizer when he remembers, as he charmingly said.

Blodwell gave us the breakdown of the current trends: stripes, transparency, lace (it’s “still big”), black & white, and metallic. However, his main tip was a combination of trendy and classic; wear a black pencil skirt, a white top, dazzling gold or silver accessories and topped of with some bold red lipstick. And remember, black and white is “always looks fantastic.


Brenda Swanson was caught at Hollywood designer Charlie Lapson’s table filled with jewelry she loved! Sparkling accessories aside, Swanson recommended following trend–leggings, something that you can just slip on and look hot with a pair of heels. Swanson’s own personal style secret is to wear anything that looks good on you and that you love in order to radiate confidence. We will keep that in mind when shopping! Thank you, Brenda!