Comfort is Key with Niecy Nash

According to all around fun girl, Niecy Nash, “that red carpet look can be exhausting.” We met with her at the Kari Feinstein Oscar Style Lounge where she shared her tips for staying comfortable.


Niecy Nash shares her tips for staying comfy on the red carpet.


Being in the public eye doesn’t need to be stressful. Niecy Nash says to stick with something comfortable and stylish. She glams it up in a gown and heels for black tie affairs, but she suggests a pair of trendy colorful jeans and a nice jacket for casual events. This is a super popular look right now and is the perfect combination of professional and style-conscious.

Niecy is also one of the many stars that put comfort first when it comes to footwear. She rocks high heels, but she makes sure to have a pair of emergency flip-flops with her at all times.

Flops aren’t your only option when it comes to pain-free toes. Foldable flats are making a huge appearance in shoe stores and in discount department stores like Target.