Channing Tatum Wants More Kids!

Ladies, chill button.  Hollywood’s hottest stud is taken, and he’s a daddy!  Not only is your dream man taken, but he also wants another kid.  Sounds awesome to everyone except his wife Jenna Dewan.  That’s right, the couple is having difficulty with the question of whether they are ready for another child.

Channing Tatum & His Career

In recent years Channing Tatum has been seen in a number of movies, and it really seems as though his career is finally gaining momentum.  He’s been in everything from 22 Jumpstreet to Magic Mike XXL.











It turns out that Channing feels that it the perfect time for him to get the best of both worlds.  He gets the career he dreamed of, and a bigger family.  It seems as though everything should be fine for another baby in the couple’s life, but what seems to be the issue?

Jenna Dewan












Channing’s wife Jenna, seems to be happy with the marriage, however she has her own professional acting career as well.  Jenna has a new show called Supergirl, and wants to continue down that path.  It appears that she doesn’t want to be the only parent at home raising the children, while Channing is out pursuing is dream career.

What do you Think?

We’d love to get your take on the situation.  Do you think that its alright for Channing to further his career, while leaving the burden of raising children to his wife Jenna?  Should the couple just stick with one child, and both pursue their dreams?  It’s not an easy decision, but we still want to get the conversation going.  Give us your opinion on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages!