Celebrity Diet: Should you try it?

To Diet or not to Diet?

We found some of the more extreme celebrity diets that have been used by some of Hollywood’s most talented.  We’ll let you know which ones are ok to try, and which ones to absolutely stay clear away from.  See if your favorite celebrity made our list.


So what diet did this modern queen of R&B try?  Apparently she tried a cleanse diet which involved eating nothing other than lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.  She tried the diet in order to detox for her role in the movie Dreamgirls.


Should you try it?

Thankfully the answer is a resounding no!    The human body naturally detoxes itself, and therefore there is no need to take such drastic diet measures.  This diet is neither pleasant nor reasonably sustainable.  We give this one a thumbs down.


The Jersey Shore star attempted a “cookie diet’ back in 2010 for a total of 3 weeks that she claimed helped her lose weight.  The diet consists of eating 6 90-calorie cookies a day, along with a small meal.


Should you try it?

We’re giving this one a pass as well.  The cookie used for this diet aren’t going to consist of your favorite brands.  Rather, they are specially made to be healthier, and lack the taste that you are probably hoping for.  Overall, all you are doing is restricting your total calorie intake, and eating crappy “cookies”.

Jay Z

So what does the rap legend eat on the daily?  Well Jay Z sticks to a vegan diet.  That’s right the New York legend threw out the all meat and dairy, only to replace it with natural and organic substitutes like tofu and greens.


Should you try it?

The simple answer is yes.  Vegan foods have been proven to be a perfectly healthy alternative to a regular diet consisting of meats & dairies.