Celebrity Comedian Kevin Hart is on a Mission to Change Running Forever

Let’s face it; exercise isn’t exactly what comes to mind for most when looking for something fun and memorable to do. Exercises like running can be a monotonous and boring routine that leaves you worn out. Comedian Kevin Hart is here to change that.  He’s on a mission to inspire fans, and exercise enthusiasts to get into shape by running with him. If you’re looking for the opportunity to exercise, and meet one of the funniest men alive, then be on the lookout for when Kevin Hart is in your city (Hint: follow him on Instagram & Twitter).


How is it running with Kevin Hart?

Firstly, Kevin is one of the kindest and funniest guys that you’ll ever meet. Oh by the way, he’s fast (good luck beating him). In Kansas City he ran a 5k in 21:30!  Regardless of his speed you will have the opportunity to mingle with him, as well as other exercise enthusiasts. When asked why he chose to promote running Hart replied, “Running is something that everybody can do, all over the world regardless of race, shape, or size.”  He is using the platform of running to build up physical fitness along with community bonds.  If you are interested in joining in on the fun, follow the hashtag #RunWithHart.