Celebrities Christine Devine, Sarah Dawson, and Tracy Tweed Embrace Their Beauty at the Hollywood Style Lounge

Christine Devine, Sarah Dawson and Tracy Tweed gave insight on how to embrace you natural beauty while setting yourself apart, at the Hollywood Style Lounge Presented by Doris Bergman. Embracing that beauty and feeling confident was the most crucial tip these ladies offered.

Fox 11 news anchor, Christine Devine is constantly dolled up in an outfit that suits and flatters her body type so she feels striking. Devine advises for everyone to wear an outfit that fits their body type in order to be as confident as she.

Sarah Dawson, former “Survivor: Philippines” contestant, described her personal style as “carefree, organic, and edgy.” Getting that edgy look means pairing a flirty, young dress with a leather jacket. Simply buying an inexpensive garment and “saucing” it up with high-end accessories makes a perfect balance.

Canadian actress and personality of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”, Tracy Tweed, describes her style as classic. Like Dawson, Tweed believes in having your accessories be the showpiece, her choice for the night was her crocodile Hermes Kelly bag and Dolce & Gabbana black jacket.

Nice, bold choices ladies!