Breaking Glass with Cheech Marin

Oh wise one, teach us your ways.
Time for some fun with Charlie Lapson at the GBK Lounge when he runs into Cheech Marin. Everyone knows Cheech from his comedic films Cheech & Chong in the 70’s.  Since his breakthough, Cheech has never stopped keeping up with the show biz. Over the years he’s been doing comedy tours, voice overs, writing, and even today, still planning for more movies with Tommy Chong. Throughout his career and especially in today’s world, Cheech and his counterpart Chong have been strong activists in the fight for the legalization of marijuana.  Sources say Tommy is currently treating his cancer diagnosis with medical marijuana.


Cheech and Chong

Cheech Martin’s Life Tips

Cheech says when it comes to getting ahead in the world you’ve got to have style.  Cheech wears what you’d expect from a marijuana activist and sticks to what he calls, “grassroots.”  He keeps it fresh with matching colors because he doesn’t want a sharp change in color to make him seem shorter. His advice to young Latinostrying to break the glass into Hollywood is to use a good tool, like a hammer.  All jokes aside, Cheech advises youngsters to pick a job they truly want and regardless of what that job is, to make sure you keep yourself available and always there.  If you’re always there you’re going to be the one that ends up being picked!   

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