Brad Pitt Workout Routine

We Know You Loved Him In “Fight Club”… How About in Troy? Wanna Look Like Him? We Got His Workouts!

Brad Pitt has always been regarded as one of Hollywood’s sexiest male actors, but how does he stay in such amazing shape?  We have the answers you’re looking for, and we’ll show you the workout you should do to get the same physic as Pitt from any of his films.  Get ready to sweat!  Remember, the first rule of getting in shape is strict dieting, and the second rule of getting in shape is strict dieting.

Fight Club Workout









For his role in Fight Club, Brad Pitt had to shred down to a mere 5-6% body fat level!  He was able to do this by eating 6 small meals per day to keep his metabolism burning.  These meals consisted of lean proteins like chicken turkey, and fish.  Other than his diet, Pitt had a strict workout routine that broke down muscle groups into particular days, allowing for each set of muscles to have a week to rest.  High rep/low weight sets are preferred when trying to get a lean/cut figure.

Troy Workout










When Brad Pitt was preparing to film the movie Troy it took him about a year to get into shape.  Rather than having a very lean/cut appearance, his main objective was to put on about 10-15 of solid lean muscle.  To do this, Brad ate larger high protein meals, and had to give up cigarettes & alcohol.  To achieve the warrior-like look, he had to have proportional muscle balance throughout his whole body.  As a result, Pitt had to put extra effort into his leg/core routine.  He worked out 6 days a week, with 2 hours in the gym, and 2 hours practicing swordsmanship.