Barbie Blank reveals WAGS workout

Everyone wants that sexy six-pack, but more often than not it feels like you are more likely to win the lotto and get hit by lightning in the same day.  Finding the motivation to go to the gym, and following super strict diets just tends to not work for most people.  The truth is many people don’t have the time to hit the gym regularly, and therefor never get the body that they want. Barbie Blank is revealing the secret to getting the chiseled abs you’ve always dreamed of. No more boring sit-ups, and wasted time at the gym! The WAGS star Barbie Blank, has developed a program that adjusts to your lifestyle and schedule.




How does Barbie Blank’s amazing program work?

Look no further than the cutting edge Lynx fitness system.  The innovative Lynx board utilizes friction training which allows you to experience a full-body workout with an emphasis on shredding up your core.  Barbie will demonstrate various body carving techniques such as mountain climbers, the pike, side lunges, and squats to help you reach your goals.  The best part is that you don’t need to invest endless amounts of time, and money into gyms that don’t mold to your lifestyle.  The Lynx board is extremely mobile, so you can get that jaw-dropping body anywhere you want.  This WAGS workout will suit people from all ends of the fitness spectrum.  Both advanced athletes, and fitness novices will be able to benefit from the incredibly easy to follow workout program.  Don’t waste your time driving back and forth to sweaty gyms.  Now you can get the results you want, when you want, and wherever you want with this program.  We’re all tired of the same old boring workouts that don’t work.  Check out Barbie Blank’s program, and get the body you deserve.